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crowdsourcing (4, 2013) vanity search (1, 2014) ownership (9, 2015) sync (3, 2013)
personal archiving (13, 2013) encountered information (4, 2006) reading and ebooks (14, 2011) annotation (7, 2009)
replication (4, 2010) document triage (5, 2010) spatial hypertext (9, 2004) partial replication (4, 2010)
digital libraries (10, 2003) formality (3, 2003) hypertext fiction (5, 2004) hypertext paths (5, 1997)
aquanet papers (5, 1992) other (4, 1990)

...about crowdsourcing

...about vanity search

...about ownership, reuse, and archiving of social media

...about the user perspective on file sync

...about personal digital archiving

...about encountered information

...about reading, interaction, electronic periodicals, and ebooks

...about annotation

...about content-based partial replication

...about document triage

...about spatial hypertext

...about digital libraries

...about formality, the Semantic Web, and things that make people see red

...about hypertext fiction

...about hypertext paths

...about hypertext, argumentation, and knowledge representation

...about other things I haven't thought about in many years

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