miscellaneous commentary & fulminations

I used to think I was too lazy, too verbose, and too occasional to maintain a blog. So I wrote blog-like things -- commentary and fulminations -- and put 'em here. I was stubborn; I was a classic late-adopter.

But now this bloglessness has been remedied. My blog is called No Middle Initial. You might wonder why it's called that when I clearly do have a middle initial, one that I use. I wonder too. I couldn't tell you. The prompt asked me for a name and I typed in the first thing that came to mind. It probably stems from the fact that you can't leave the blank for middle initial unfilled; you have to say "NMI -- No Middle Initial." And there you have it: as good an explanation as I'm going to give you.

These are longer articles, written intermittently, when I'm not overcome by fits of lassitude. And when I have time left over, after I've blogged and after I've exhausted Google Image Search in my obsessive quest for photos of lunch meat, Disneyland, and dental appliances.

Most of the articles have been published in TEKKA.

Time Travel in TV's Wayback Machine
The Trouble with Scenerios and Personas
Taking a Stand on the Semantic Web
Make Way for the Wikipedians
Do Tags Work?

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