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Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
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Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley was thrown under the bus.
Guess which bus...

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Look for a book about Joan Vollmer Adams Burroughs, available soon!

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an argument for archiving Facebook | why people do vanity searches
methods for crowdsourcing studies
Xerox PARC's Artist-in-Residence Program
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annotation (iAnnotate 2013)

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an infuriating argument for archiving Facebook
using hypotheticals to elicit social norms from the crowd
unified web archives | Is Facebook content valuable?
ownership and reuse of: games, photos, video, reviews
syncing and sharing | sharing and syncing | bi-level syncing
rethinking personal digital archiving: part 1 and part 2
no bull, no spin (tagging study)

Why not read my book? It's shorter than Proust and uses fewer adverbs than Dan Brown.
Reading and Writing the Electronic Book

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After one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say
I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER" -- William S. Burroughs

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