CSDL Services

Unix Systems

  • CSDL runs several Linux servers for lab users. Each provides specific services.
    • terminal services (ssh/sftp) (interactive.csdl.tamu.edu)
    • heavy computation(computational.csdl.tamu.edu)
    • e-mail (imap.csdl.tamu.edu, pop.csdl.tamu.edu)
    • file and database services(minerva.csdl.tamu.edu — mapping windows partitions)
    • Web (web server: www.csdl.tamu.edu)
  • There are other project-specific servers that you may access with authorization from your supervising faculty.

Windows Systems

Several Windows computers and a Mac are available in rooms 406 and 408 for general CSDL use. Your supervisor may allocate a particular desktop computer for long-term use in your office space, if one is available.

  • Please ensure that you login as a user in the CSDL Windows domain (and not the local computer domain).
  • Your home drive maps to H: .
  • Save all your work-related stuff on H: (do NOT install applications here)

Each user has an email account <username>@csdl.tamu.edu.

  • All important CSDL emails and announcements are sent to this address.
  • Please check this email regularly or forward it to another account that you check regularly.
  • To forward your email, create a file in your home directory with the name “.forward”
    (notice the initial ‘dot’) and type in the email address where you want
    to forward all your email.
  • To access your email from Windows computers use the following settings:
    • POP server: pop.csdl.tamu.edu
    • IMAP server: imap.csdl.tamu.edu
    • Outgoing mail server: smtp-relay.tamu.edu

Web Space
To create Web pages:

  • Make a folder called “public_html” in your home directory
  • Copy all Web-accessible files to this folder

Your personal page is located at http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/~<username>

CGI, Servlets, Scripts

To request scripting support

  • create a directory for hosting the scripts (could be in your personal or project space)
  • decide the URL that you would like to make these available from
  • send a request to admin@csdl.tamu.edu for making these Web-accessible along with the folder location and the desired URL

Database support

We run a mysql database server. To request databases send an email to admin@csdl.tamu.edu with the following information

  • name of the database
  • username and password for database admin (database-specific user and password names are recommended)
  • username(s) and password(s) for database access and the permissions desired for each.
  • list of computers that will directly connect to this database/li>
  • purpose of this database.
  • copy your email to your faculty advisor/sponsor