Visual Knowledge Builder



VKB is a spatial hypertext system which allows users to collect and organize resources in a hierarchy of 2D workspaces.  It is used to express categories and interrelationships through the visual similarity and co-location of information objects. These objects include text, images, URLs, etc.

Additionally, VKB provides a history mechanism that records the evolution of the spatial hypertext and local, global, and historical links for explicit navigational connections.

You can download VKB through this link: VKB ver. 2.6
You can see the online tutorial through this link: Online Tutorial

Education Application of VKB

Earlier versions of VKB have been used in educational tasks since 2001. It is used by teachers to organize syllibi and lesson materials. It is used by students to collect materials for projects and papers.

Assignments in VKB can take a number of forms, ranging from concept mapping activities to open-ended resource collection and interpretation. The history mechanism has been valuable for classes teaching process as students and teachers can replay the activities in the workspace to better understand the work process involved.

vkbinedu Delivered space (fig.1 below) : Teachers provide all the resources to use in the class.
Template space (fig.2 below) : Teachers provide a structured workspace, and students are supposed to fill proper information.
Concept map (fig.3 below) : Teachers provide information objects, and students are supposed to represent their relationships.
Empty space : Student structured & Student filled
Click the image when you want to see it at large size.
vkb-delivered vkb-template vkb-concept
Figure 1. Delivered Space Figure 2. Template Space Figure 3. Concept Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email your question to VKB development team.