Frequently Asked Questions

A number of common questions have been raised over the years by our users over the years. In order to help people quickly find answers to these common issues, we have put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a free-form virtual world created by Linden Labs. Residents, as users are called, can pursue a wide variety of social interactions, entertainment, or commerce activities. Access to Second Life is free as the company operates under a mixed economic model where fees on currency conversations in and order of the system, fees for increased quota, and fees for landholding subsidise the world.

Increasingly, the education community has been turning to Second Life for its ability to facilitate rich interactions between spatially diverse individuals and its ability to democratize the dissemination of knowledge and education.

The Ensemble Project’s presence in Second Life is meant to provide not only a point of access to diverse collections on computing, but to provide a forum for the community of people interested in computing.

Walden’s Paths

How do I contact the project?

Further help can be obtained by emailing the Walden’s Paths project at

Why won’t the path creation interface let me use the upload path feature to upload a file as a stop on the path?

Walden’s Paths does not provide capabilities for uploading arbitrary files or creating your own websites. The upload a path portion of the creation interface is intended to allow users who have exported a Walden’s Path as an XML descritpion of stops and annotations to upload the file back to a Walden’s Paths installation. This feature is intended to allow users to be able to keep local backups of their paths, or edit the path online by editing the XML file in a text editor, or transfer paths between Walden’s Paths installations. You cannot use this feature to store arbitrary files.

I’m having problems getting a Flash movie or a PDF to display in Walden’s Paths?

Currently, security measures taken by Adobe inside the Flash and Acrobat plugins have made it so that
sometimes a Flash movie or a PDF do not display properly. While we are
working on ways to get around the issue in the future, currently said
pages should be set to open in new windows.