Soonil Bae, PhD

Soonil Bae defended his dissertation "Balancing Human and System Visualization during Document Triage" on October 10, 2008. Frank Shipman supervised the dissertation. Congratulations, Soonil!

Jie Deng, PhD

Jie Deng defended her dissertation October 3, 2008, and will be awarded the PhD at December's ceremony. Jie's dissertation is titled "Facilitating Reading through a Theme-Drive Approach." Congratulations, Jie!

Marlo Nordt, PhD

Marlo Nordt defended her dissertation on July 31, 2008, and will be awarded the PhD in December 2008. Marlo's dissertation is titled "VAST: A Human-Centered, Domain-Independent Video Analysis Support Tool." Congratulations, Marlo!

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