Zachary O. Toups, PhD

Zach Toups has successfully defended his dissertation, titled "Non-Mimetic Simulation Games: Teaching Team  Coordination from a Grounding in Practice," and will be awarded the PhD. Zach's advisor is Andruid Kerne. Congratulations, Zach!

Konstantinos Meintanis, Ph.D.

Congratulations to Konstantinos Meintanis, who defended his dissertation earlier this spring. Kostas' dissertation is titled "Combining Metadata, Inferred Similarity of Content, and Human Interpretation for Managing and Listening to Music Collections."  Frank Shipman is the advisor.

James Caverlee awarded a DARPA Young Faculty Award (DARPA YFA)

Dr. James Caverlee has been awarded a 2010 DARPA Young Faculty Award (DARPA YFA).

Yungah Park, Ph.D.

Congratulations to Yungah Park, who successfully defended her dissertation titled "Authoring for Large and Complex Hypertext with Reusable Components."  Yungah will receive the PhD in August 2010.

James Caverlee recognized with teaching award

Congratulations to Dr. James Caverlee who was recognized with a Texas A&M System Teaching Excellence Award in the Fall 2009 presentation.

The 4 Types of Emails System Administrators Receive

The Vague Email

XYZ isn’t working. Please fix.

Provides next to no information other than at some point, something — possibly XYZ — didn’t function the way a specific user expected it to. Issue could be anything ranging from a catastrophic system failure to a simple misunderstanding on the part of the user. Usually requires a series of follow-up emails, phone calls, and conferences in order to clarify the problem at hand.

Frank Shipman awarded ACM Distinguished Scientist status

Congratulations to Frank Shipman, who has been awarded ACM Distinguished Scientist status. Details can be found at

YoungJoo Park, Ph.D.

YoungJoo Park successfully defended his dissertation on February 6, 2009, and will be awarded the Ph.D. in May. YoungJoo's dissertation is titled "Augmenting Users' Task Performance Through Workspace Narrative Exploration." Congratulations, YoungJoo!

Chiao-Fang Hsu receives departmental poster award for "Analyzing Community Preference of Digg Comments"

CSDL student Chiao-Fang Hsu received the department's Spring 2009 poster competition award for work she is carrying out jointly with Elham Khabiri, the primary author of the research. The work is advised by Dr. James Caverlee.

JCDL 2009 to be held in Austin, TX, June 15-19, 2009

The ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries will be held in Austin, TX, in 2009. JCDL is the preeminent international research conference in the Digital Library area. The CSDL is pleased to be joining with the University of Texas School of Information in organizing this meeting. For details on the conference and submissions see

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