Readings' list

Cutrell, E., Dumais, S. T., and Teevan, J. 2006. Searching to eliminate personal information management. Commun. ACM 49, 1 (Jan. 2006), 58-64.

Summary/ Key Points

Is all organizational effort worth it?

They represent Stuff I'have Seen (SIS) (see SIS) and introduce a new module Implicit Query (IQ) that takes advantage of the context. For example, if the user is reading an email, IQ looks at the keyword in the email and proactively do searches based on those keywords and present them on the side. They believe search in personal items is going towards Stuff I Should See.

Disclaimer: I wrote these summaries to help me remember the content and the main ideas of the paper. Since I am interested in certain aspects, I may leave out others.

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