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Jones, W., Munat, C., and Bruce, H. The Universal Labeler: Plan the project and let your information follow. In Proceedings of the 68th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (Charlotte, NC). American Society for Information Science & Technology, 2005.

Summary/ Key Points

Project center oriented. The main goal of the project is to overcome information fragmentation. By this the author mean information of different formats store in different locations: emails in the mail application, bookmarks in the browser and documents in the file system.

The project is informed by the principle: "Good information management follows from good project management."

One of their studies suggests that "hierarchies were used not only to organize project-related files but also to express a kind of problem decomposition for the project. Subfolders often represented tasks or even whole subprojects in their own right."

Universal Labeler creates an environment with the structure of a Word outline. Items can be linked to messages or documents, and dragging an item in UL creates a link to the original document or email. "UL is a system of classification or "labels" that can be used to organize e-documents, email and web pages. Folders can represent not just holding bins for files but also a structure of a projects, sub-projects and tasks that need to be completed."

The program also had some feature of task management with the module Task Management that adds due date and reminder.

Basically, if I understood correctly, UL is a outline or text that uses outline titles as folders and project subheadings. It forces the user to use a hierarchical structure. The structure or outline can be reused. In the structure the user can add titles, type in text and  drag and drop content from other places that becomes a link.


Disclaimer: I wrote these summaries to help me remember the content and the main ideas of the paper. Since I am interested in certain aspects, I may leave out others.

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