Readings' list

Jones, W., Bruce, H., and Dumais, S. 2001. Keeping found things found on the web. In Proceedings of the Tenth international Conference on information and Knowledge Management (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, October 05 - 10, 2001). H. Paques, L. Liu, and D. Grossman, Eds. CIKM '01. ACM Press, New York, NY, 119-126.

Summary/ Key Points

Observational study into the methods people use to manage web information for re-use.

the study addressed the following:

    -what methods do people use in a worksapce setting to keep relevant or potentially relevant information for subsequent reuse?

    -What consideration influence the choice of methods?

    -How can selection considerations help us to assess the likely success of enabling tools, current and proposed?

11 participants: observed and interviewed in their own office. 1 hour interview. 4 participant only over the phone. Before the study survey over the web. During the interview users asked to perform a web-intensive half an hour task, chosen by researchers and participants.

They noticed a great diversity in methods:

The browser support bookmarks and history. Bookmarks rarely used and history only by one guy.

Functions that influence the choices:

They then created a table with methods and functions and ranked them with low, med, high.

This study is an initial glimpse and it will be followed by in depth analysis.


Disclaimer: these summaries are made to help me remember the content and the main ideas of the paper. Since I am interested in certain aspects, I may leave out others