Vijay Kumar

I am a graduate student in the Dept. of Computer Science at Texas A&M university. I am currently involved in research on information visualization at the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries.

Current Projects:

Items of interest:

Selected Items from bookmarks :

  1. Digital Library magazine
  2. Your complete source for AWT Layout Managers
  3. WWW Authoring Tools.
  4. Document format converters.

Contact Info:

Snailmail:    Vijay Kumar               Vijay Kumar
              13046 Scofield Farm Dr.   Dept. of Computer Science
              Austin, TX-78727          H. R. Bright Bldg., Room 408C 
                                        Texas A&M University
                                        College Station, TX, 77843-3112
Phone (home/office): (512)833-6241 / (409)845-4924
or by clickiing on My office is room 408C in the H.R. Bright Building.