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My name is Hu, Shueh-Cheng. I am a doctoral student in the Department of Computer Science at Texas A&M University and a graduate assistant research with the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries(CSDL), Prof. Richard Furuta is my advisor.

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Shueh-Cheng Hu

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Me and FeiFei
Me and my dog: FeiFei(1983-1993)
in our backyard, spring 1990.

  • Reference related to WWW design and implementation

  • Digital Library, Information Retrieval, and CHI Stuff

  • Chinese Web Sites
  • Windows Shareware

  • Networking technologies which enabling applications on information superhighway

  • Business on the Cyberspace:

  • Search Tool on Web

  • Plant Sites

  • PollenCount/Allergy/Asthma

  • Geography Web Sites

  • Some Other Stuff You Might Be Interested In..

  • Gambling Run By Texas State Government

  • Geographical Based Web Applications

    Brazos Valley Horticulture

    Brazos Valley Tour Info

    Geographical Position Locator Test(East Texas)

    Dynamic Web Document Demonstration

  • Online Manuals

  • Thesis manual on-line
  • Latex

  • ABC Home page

    Geop page


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