Intelligent User Interfaces Reading List

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Approximate Schedule (Subject to Change)

class 1: (Sept. 1) Class Overview, Introductions, Review of AI Methods and User Interface Issues

class 2: (Sept. 3) Types of IUIs and Role of Human vs. Role of Computer
""Intelligent User Interfaces", W. Hefley and D. Murray
"Beyond Intelligent Interfaces: analyzing ... success models of cooperative problem solving", G. Fischer & B. Reeves

class 3: (Sept. 8) Project Discussion Day
Discussion of class projects, expectations, time to form project teams

class 4: (Sept. 10) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Prefaces, Chapter 1-2)

class 5: (Sept. 15) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapter 3-4)

class 6: (Sept. 17) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapter 5-6)

class 7: (Sept. 22) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapter 7-8)

class 8: (Sept. 24) Project Work Day
work with your team on your projects.

class 9: (Sept. 29) Project Updates
Each project will give a progress report to the class explaining their topic, including identifying the users and a task analysis of the supported activity.

class 10: (Oct. 1) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Preface, Chapters 1-2)

class 11: (Oct. 6) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 3-4)

class 12: (Oct. 8) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 5-6)

class 13: (Oct. 13) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 7-8)

class 14: (Oct. 15) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 9-10)

class 15: (Oct. 20) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 11-12)

class 16: (Oct. 22) Human-Machine Reconfigurations, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 13-15)

class 17: (Oct. 27) Project Presentations
Each project will give a progress report to the class presenting an initial design and implementation plan.

class 18: (Oct. 29) User Modeling and Adaptive Systems
"An IP Continuum for Adaptive Interface Design", C. Isbell and J. Pierce
"Recognizing User Interest and Document Value from Reading and Organizing Activities in Document Triage", R. Badi et al.
"Prediction of Users' Learning Curves for Adaptation while Using an Information Visualization", S. Lalle, D. Toker, C. Conati, and G. Carenini

class 19: (Nov. 3) Mixed-Initiative Interfaces
"Principles of Mixed-Initiative User Interfaces", E. Horvitz
"Models of attention in computing and communication: from principles to applications", E. Horvitz, C. Kadie, T. Paek, and D. Hovel
"Improving Inquiry-Driven Modeling in Science Education through Interaction with Intelligent Tutoring Agents", D. Joyner and A. Goel

class 20: (Nov. 5) The Problem of Representation
"Supporting knowledge-base evolution with incremental formalization", F. Shipman and R. McCall
"Which Semantic Web?", C. Marshall and F. Shipman
"Linked Open Government Data: Lessons from", N. Shadbolt, K. O'Hara, T. Berners-Lee, N. Gibbins, H. Glaser, W. Hall, and m.c. schraefel

class 21: (Nov. 10) Visual Structure as Representation
"Finding and Using Implicit Structure in Human-Organized Spatial Layouts of Information", F. Shipman, C. Marshall, and T. Moran
"A Visual Language for Sketching Large and Complex Interactive Designs", J. Lin, M. Thomsen, and J. Landay
"Identifying Useful Passages in Documents based on Annotation Patterns", F. Shipman, M. Price, C. Marshall, and G. Golovchinsky

class 22: (Nov. 12) Mashups and Programming by Demonstration
"Building data integration queries by demonstration", R. Tuchinda, P. Szekely, and C. Knoblock
"End-user programming of mashups with vegemite", J. Lin, J. Wong, J. Nichols, A. Cypher, and T. Lau
"Creating interactive web data applications with spreadsheets", K. Chang and B. Myers

class 23: (Nov. 17) Presentation Generation and Interface Agents
"Generating Explanations in Context", G. Carenini and J. Moore
"Dynamic Dramatization of Multimedia Story Presentations", N. Sgouros, G. Papakonstantinou, and P. Tsanakas
"Presenting through Performing: On the Use of Multiple Lifelike Characters in Knowledge-Based Presentation Systems", E. Andre and T. Rist

class 24: (Nov. 19) Interacting with/through Other Media
"Dynamic text management for see-through wearable and heads-up display systems", J. Orlosky, K. Kiyokawa, and H. Takemura
"DOTS: Support for Effective Video Surveillance", A. Girgensohn, D. Kimber, J. Vaughan, T. Yang, F. Shipman, T. Turner, E. Rieffel, L. Wilcox, F. Chen, and T. Dunnigan
"Recommending targeted strangers from whom to solicit information on social media", J. Mahmud, M. Zhou, N. Megiddo, J. Nichols, and C. Drews

class 25: (Nov. 24) Project Work Day
work with your team on your projects.

class 26: (Dec. 1) Supporting Data Analysis
"SpiderEyes: designing attention- and proximity-aware collaborative interfaces for wall-sized displays", J. Dostal, U. Hinrichs, P.O. Kristensson, and A. Quigley
"Evaluating Subjective Accuracy in Time Series Pattern-Matching Using Human-Annotated Rankings", P. Eichmann and E. Zgraggen
"Cohort Comparison of Event Sequences with Balanced Integration of Visual Analytics and Statistics", S. Malik, F. Du, M. Monroe, E. Onukwagha, C. Plaisant, and B. Shneiderman

class 27: (Dec. 3) Project Presentations

class 28: (Dec. 8) Project Presentations