CPSC 671: Computer-Human Interaction

Spring Semester, 2011
Time and place: T/Th 11:10 am - 12:25 pm, ZACH 105B
Instructor: Dr. Frank Shipman
Office hours: HRBB 404, to be determined, or by appointment


List of students

Course description

This class provides an overview of the research and practices of human-computer interaction, its history and techniques. This course will cover (1) development processes, (2) interaction mechanisms, (3) psychology and human factors, and (4) emerging technologies.


Students should have a basic knowledge of programming complex systems and be able to learn new software tools on their own.


Approximate class schedule


List of assignments


  Short assignments	20%
  Class participation	15%
  Pop quizes            25%
  Team project		25%
  Literature survey     15%

Class participation

Most class periods will include a discussion of reading materials. One student will be selected to present a brief overview of each paper and another student will be assigned to have discussion questions ready and lead discussion. All students are expected to have done the readings and be able to participate in discussions. Keep up with the readings so there will be no pop quizzes!