Intelligent User Interfaces Discussant List

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Technical presentations are to be 10 minutes long, strong AI and situated cognition viewpoint presentations are to be 5 minutes long.
Class Topic Technical Overview Strong AI View Situated Cognition View
Oct. 8: "Adaptive Systems"
Oct. 15: "User Modeling"
Shreyas Kumar
Oct. 22: "Explanations and Presentations"
Norman Ma
Reuben Marwah
Swapnil Sinvhal
Oct. 27: "The Problem of Representation"
Austin Riddle
Soonil Bae
Pratik Dave
Oct. 29: "Getting Knowledge into the System"
Sei-Young Ahn
Hyun Sung Kim
Ryan Villalpando
Nov. 3: "Working with Visual Structure"
Bikash Mandel
Lei Chen
Madhur Khandelwal
Nov. 12: "Interacting with Other Media
Sonia Punjabi
Jaehee Jung
Tolga Cifti
Nov. 17: "Programming by Demonstration"
Rijo Thozhal
Daniel White
Murthi Raghav S.
Nov. 19: "Interface Agents"
Eshita Sharmin
YoungJoo Park
Mieke Prajugo
Nov. 24: "Integrating the Physical and Virtual"
DoHyoung Kim
Haiyan Fan
Mayur Kamat