Intelligent User Interfaces Reading List

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class 1: (Sept. 1) Class Overview, Introductions, Review of AI Methods and User Interface Issues

class 2: (Sept. 3) Role of Human vs. Role of Computer
"Intelligent User Interfaces", W. Hefley and D. Murray &
"Beyond Intelligent Interfaces: analyzing ... success models of cooperative problem solving", G. Fischer & B. Reeves

class 3: (Sept. 8) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapters 1-2)

class 4: (Sept. 10) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapters 3-4)

class 5: (Sept. 15) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapters 5-6)

class 6: (Sept. 17) Sciences of the Artificial, Herb Simon (Chapters 7-8)

class 7: (Sept. 22) Plans and Situated Actions, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 1-2)

class 8: (Sept. 24) Plans and Situated Actions, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 3-4)

class 9: (Sept. 29) Plans and Situated Actions, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 5-6)

class 10: (Oct. 1) Plans and Situated Actions, Lucy Suchman (Chapters 7-8)

class 11: (Oct. 6) Enabling and Supporting Incremental Formalization
"Incremental Formalization in the Hyper-Object Substrate", F. Shipman and R. McCall
This class will be held in conjunction with the graduate seminar in HRBB 124.

class 12: (Oct. 8) Interfaces to Author and Edit Knowledge
"Intelligent Systems as Cooperative Systems", L. Terveen

class 13: (Oct. 13) Drawing Support
"A Perceptually-Supported Sketch Editor", E. Saund and T. Moran

class 14: (Oct. 15) Knowledge-Based Support for Interface Design
"A Cooperative Problem Solving Approach to User Interface Design", A. Lemke and G. Fischer

class 15: (Oct. 20) Programming by Demonstration
"Pavlov: Programming by Stimulus-Response Demonstration", D. Wolber

class 16: (Oct. 22) Adaptive Systems
"The Role of Built-in Knowledge in Adaptive Interface Systems", D. Crow and B. Smith

class 17: (Oct. 27) User Models
"Supporting Adaptive Interfaces in a Knowledge-based User Interface Environment", P. Sukaviriya and J. Foley

class 18: (Oct. 29) Gesture Recognition in Interfaces
"Pen Computing for Air Traffic Control", S. Chatty and P. Lecoanet

class 19: (Nov. 3) Natural Language Interfaces
"Generating Explanations in Context", G. Carenini and J. Moore

class 20: (Nov. 5) Multiple Perspectives in Explanations
"Improving the Explanatory Power of Examples by a Multiple Perspectives Representation", Rathke and Redmiles

class 21: (Nov. 10) Presentation Generation
"Dynamic Dramatization of Multimedia Story Presentations", N. Sgouros, G. Papakonstantinou, and P. Tsanakas

class 22: (Nov. 12) Text Corpus Visualization
excerpt from the "P1000 Science Strategy", R. Rose

class 23: (Nov. 17) Interfaces Presenting Natural Language Results
"TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access", M. Hearst

class 24: (Nov. 19) Social Filtering
"Pointing the Way: Active Collaborative Filtering", D. Maltz and K. Ehrlich

class 25: (Nov. 24) Intelligent Interface Agents
"Using Agents to Personalize the Web", C. Thomas and G. Fischer

class 26: (Nov. 26) Evaluation Methods and Support
"Agent-based Support for Communication between Developers and Users in Software Design", A. Girgensohn et al.

class 27: (Dec. 1) Project Reports

class 28: (Dec. 3) Project Reports