Hypertext (CPSC 610) Assignments

Short Assignments

assignment 1: (Due Jan. 25)
Construct a homepage that contains at least your name, a picture of you, and some basic biographical information. Send the URL of your page to shipman@cs.tamu.edu. Be sure to include a space for links to later assignments -- they will be placed here as the semester progresses.


The class projects will proceed through a series of phases. There will be written reports and presentations associated with the various stages. The reports will get longer at each stage as it is assumed that your understanding of your project will accumulate. Some, if not most, of the text from prior reports will likely be appropriate for inclusion in later reports, especially the final report.

phase 1: Topic Selection (due Feb. 1)
Identify a project topic. If appropriate, this should include initial ideas about tasks and a (possibly hypothetical) set of users that you would use your results.

What you turn in: 1/2 page to one page description of type of technology or practice you wish to investigate and some brief comments about potential tasks and users. (if appropriate)

phase 2: Task Analysis (due Feb. 13)
Determine what is difficult (and easy) about the current task and how it can be supported.

What you turn in: 2 to 3 page description of the task being supported or investigated and how users currently perform this task. This should include some indication of how a system might augment current work practices.

phase 3: Initial Design Phase (due March 6)
Specify system/evaluation design goals and create an initial conceptual design.

What you turn in: 4 to 6 page description that includes the components of the Phase 2 report and the system/evaluation goals and conceptual design. This should include diagrams/drawings of the interface or interactions between system components and users.

phase 4: Prototype Implementation (due March 27)
Create a working prototype of your system/application or perform part of study.

What you turn in: 5 to 10 page description that includes the components of the Phase 3 report and the implemented system or performed evaluation, including screen dumps of intended/observed interaction by a user to perform their task.

phase 5: Final Report and Presentation (due April 26)
Write a report describing the users, their tasks, your technological solution to supporting them (including design and prototype implementation), and how the system is expected to be used. (Most of this material can come from previous reports.) Also include an empirical or observational study of how you would evaluate your system's success in meeting its goals of supporting users.

What you turn in: 8 to 12 pages in conference format.

Important Note:
All reports are to be formatted in ACM Conference format. It is expected that students will use correct grammar and spelling -- these are grounds to deduct from your grade. (i.e. use a spelling checker and reread what you wrote before turning it in)