Information Storage and Retrieval Reading List

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Approximate Schedule (Subject to Change)

class 1: (Jan. 16)
Class Overview, Syllabus, Introductions

class 2: (Jan. 18)
Overview of IR, MIR pages 1-15 (slides)

class 3: (Jan. 23)
Overview of Information Tasks, MIR pages 257-267 (slides)

class 4: (Jan. 25)
Retrieval Evaluation, MIR pages 73-84 (slides)

class 5: (Jan. 30)
Retrieval Collections, MIR pages 84-96 (slides)

class 6: (Feb. 1)
Content Types, MIR pages 141-162 (slides)

class 7: (Feb. 6)
Query Languages, MIR pages 99-115 (slides)

class 8: (Feb. 8)
IR Models (overview, boolean, and vector), MIR pages 19-30 (slides)

class 9: (Feb. 13)
Exam I (through materials for class 7)

class 10: (Feb. 15)
IR Models (vector and probabilistic model), MIR pages 30-34 (slides)
A Vector Space Model for Automatic Indexing, G. Salton, A. Wong, C.S. Wang

class 11: (Feb. 20)
IR Models (latent semantic indexing), MIR pages 44-45 (slides)
Indexing by Latent Semantic Analysis, S. Deerwester, S. Dumais, G. Furnas, T. Landauer, R. Harshman

class 12: (Feb. 22)
IR Models (structured text), MIR pages 61-65 (slides)
User Relevance Feedback, MIR pages 117-123 (slides)

class 13: (Feb. 27)
Automatic Analysis: Local and Global Techniques, MIR pages 123-131 (slides)

class 14: (March 1)
Project Day: Work on your group projects.

class 15: (March 6)
Project Reports

class 16: (March 8)
Optional lecture by Geoffrey Nunberg on "The Phenomenology of Cyberspace; or, Should We Capitalize 'the Web'?" held at 4pm in Evans Library Room 204E

class 17: (March 20)
Text Processing (stopwords, stemming, thesauri), Text Compression (Huffman Coding, Ziv-Lempel Codes, Inverted File Compression), MIR pages 163-189 (slides)

class 18: (March 22)
Inverted Indicies, MIR pages 191-199 (slides)

class 19: (March 27)
Interfaces to Collections, MIR pages 267-278 (slides)
Interfaces for Query Specification, MIR pages 278-288 (slides)

class 20: (March 29)
Exam II (through materials for class 18, sample questions)

class 21: (April 3)
Project Reports

class 22: (April 5)
Interfaces Providing Context, MIR pages 289-303 (slides)
More Interfaces, MIR pages 303-322 (slides)

class 22: (April 10)
Searching the Web, MIR pages 367-395 (slides)

class 23: (April 12)
The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine, Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page (slides)
The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web, Lawrence Page, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Motwani, and Terry Winograd (slides)

class 24: (April 17)
The Google File System , Sanjay Ghemawat, Howard Gobioff, and Shun-Tak Leung (slides)
Developing Practical Automatic Metadata Assignment and Evaluation Tools for Internet Resources, Gordon Paynter (slides)

class 25: (April 19)
Exam III (through materials for class 24, sample questions)

class 26: (April 24)
Project Reports

class 27: (April 26)
Project Reports