CPSC 436 - 500: Computer-Human Interaction

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Supplemental Readings (evolving list)


Thursday, Jan. 17: Novel Text-input Interfaces
CHI 2004: A Reduced QWERTY Keyboard for Mobile Text Entry
Nathan Green, Jan Kruger, Chirag Faldu, and Robert St. Amant
Craig Smitham
CHI 2004: MouthType: Text Entry by Hand and Mouth
Michael J. Lyons Chi-Ho Chan Nobuji Tetsutani
J. Chris Elgin
Tuesday, Jan. 22: Web Browsing and Applications
CHI 2007: Gaze-Enhanced Scrolling Techniques
Manu Kumar, Terry Winograd, Andreas Paepcke
Gabe McDonald
CHI 2007: A Motion-Based Marking Menu System
Ian Oakley, Junseok Park
Sarah Nuse
Thursday, Jan. 24: Browsing beyond Web Pages Presenter
CHI 2007: The Mixed Reality Book: A New Multimedia Reading Experience
Raphael Grasset, Andreas Duenser, Hartmut Seichter, Mark Billinghurst
Daniel Cousineau
CHI 2004: 3Book: A Scalable 3D Virtual Book
Stuart K. Card, Lichan Hong, Jock D. Mackinlay, and Ed H. Chi
David Brown
Tuesday, Jan. 29: Collaboration and Awareness Presenter
CHI 2004: Keeping in Touch with the Family: Home and Away with the ASTRA Awareness System
Panos Markopoulos, Natalia Romero, Joy van Baren, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Boris de Ruyter, Babak Farshchian
Daniel Duke
CHI 2004: Release, Relocate, Reorient, Resize: Fluid Techniques for Document Sharing on Multi-User Interactive Tables
Meredith Ringel, Kathy Ryall, Chia Shen, Clifton Forlines, Frederic Vernier
Grant Marvin
Thursday, Jan. 31: Affective Interfaces Presenter
CHI 2004: Communicating Emotions in Online Chat Using Physiological Sensors and Animated Text
Hua Wang, Helmut Prendinger, Takeo Igarashi
Katie Keller
CHI 2004: Towards Caring Machines
Timothy W. Bickmore, Rosalind W. Picard
Elizabeth Caler
Tuesday, Feb. 5: Online Communities & Education Presenter
CHI 2004: Social interaction in ‘There’
Barry Brown and Marek Bell
Jesse Bowes
CHI 2004: More than Just Fun and Games: Assessing the Value of Educational Video Games in the Classroom
Jeremy Lee, Kathleen Luchini, Benjamin Michael, Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway
Pranita Raju
Thursday, Feb. 14: Assistive Technologies Presenter
CHI 2004: Catalyzing Social Interaction with Ubiquitous Computing: A needs assessment of elders coping with cognitive decline
Margaret Morris, Jay Lundell, Eric Dishman
Patrick Hesser
CHI 2004: EyeDraw: A System for Drawing Pictures with the Eyes
Anthony Hornof, Anna Cavender, and Rob Hoselton
Jonathan Perez
Tuesday, Feb. 19: Video Interfaces Presenter
ICME 2007: Trailblazing: Video Playback Control by Direct Object Manipulation
Don Kimber, Tony Dunnigan, Andreas Girgensohn, Frank Shipman, Thea Turner, and Tao Yang
Brandon Nance
ICME 2003: Creating Navigable Multi-Level Video Summaries
Frank Shipman, Andreas Girgensohn, and Lynn Wilcox
Frank Shipman
Thursday, Feb. 21: Interfaces for Audio and Audio Interfaces Presenter
CHI 2007: Speed Sonic Across the Span: Building a Platform Audio Game
Michael Oren
Billy Utsler
Tuesday, March 4: Ambient, Attentive, and Peripheral DisplaysPresenter
CHI 2004: IN-Visible: Perceiving Invisible Urban Information through Ambient Media
Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris, Gonçalo Ducla-Soares, Alejandro Zulas
Dwayne Vogler
CHI 2004: Attentive Display: Paintings as Attentive User Interfaces
David Holman, Roel Vertegaal, Changuk Sohn, and Daniel Cheng
Deena Akinrinsola
Thursday, March 27: Tangible InterfacesPresenter
CHI 2004: Haptic Chameleon: A New Concept of Shape-Changing User Interface Controls with Force Feedback
G. Michelitsch, J. Williams, M. Osen, B. Jimenez, and S. Rapp
Hartanto Thio
CHI 2004: Not Just Intuitive: Examining the Basic Manipulation of Tangible User Interfaces
Chen-Je Huang
Parker Royal
Tuesday, April 1: Ubiquitous Computing Presenter
CHI 2004: How Do Users Think about Ubiquitous Computing?
Khai N. Truong, Elaine M. Huang, Molly M. Stevens and Gregory D. Abowd
Ryan Brown
CHI 2004: Remarkable Computing-the Challenge of Designing for the Home
Marianne Graves Petersen
Christopher Smith
Thursday, April 3: Small-screen Interfaces Presenter
CHI 2004: Focus+Context Sketching on a Pocket PC
Edward Lank and Son Phan
Yong Song
CHI 2004: MiniMedia Surfer: Browsing Video Segments on Small Displays
Maryam Kamvar, Patrick Chiu, Lynn Wilcox, Sandeep Casi, Surapong Lertsithichai
Jon Moeller
Tuesday, April 8: Multi-computer InterfacesPresenter
CHI 2004: Digital Graffiti: Public Annotation of Multimedia Content
Scott Carter, Elizabeth Churchill, Laurent Denoue, Jonathan Helfman, Les Nelson
Mason Burton
CHI 2004: Wideband Displays: Mitigating Multiple Monitor Seams
Jock D. Mackinlay, Jeffrey Heer
Joshua Foster
Thursday, April 10: Name-a-themePresenter
CHI 2004: Blogging by the Rest of Us
Diane J. Schiano, Bonnie A. Nardi, Michelle Gumbrecht and Luke Swartz
Mario Raushel
CHI 2004: From Quality in Use to Value in the World
Gilbert Cockton
Khoa Dao