CPSC 436 - 500: Computer-Human Interaction

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Assignment 3: Argumentation-Based Design Due 10/28/2014

Create an IBIS-structured issue base for the interface and system design of your class project. Be sure to label each issue, position, and argument and show relationships between them. Be sure to provide multiple positions for most issues. Each student should turn in his/her own issue base for the project, although you are welcome to collaborate with other members of your project team. The issue-base should be at least 6 pages but no more than 10 pages long in a reasonable format (six pages double spaced is too short -- ten pages single spaced using an 8 point font is too long.) Show inter-issue relations as a conceptual map that provides an overview of your whole issue base.

Important: All reports are to be printed on a word processor or typed (no handwritten assignments will be accepted). It is expected that students will correct grammar and spelling--these are grounds to deduct from your grade. (i.e. Use a spelling checker and reread what you write before turning it in.)