CPSC 320 -- 500 Artificial Intelligence Written Homework 3

To be turned in by 4:45 pm on Apr. 9:

Answers to the following questions from the Russell & Norvig textbook: 9.4, 11.3 a-f, 13.2 (just wumpus world)

Also, answer the following questions:

1. Draw an inheritance network (with exceptions and multiple inheritance) of frames with attributes to represent the following paragraph:

Mechanized modes of transportation include trains, planes, automobiles, boats and submarines. Of these only planes fly and only boats and submarines travel in the water. Of course, submarines can travel under the water while boats do not. Trains run on rails while automobiles travel on roads. Cars and trucks are automobiles with four wheels while motorcycles have two. Dirt bikes are a type of motorcycle that can travel off-road, like four-wheel drive trucks and cars. The Batmobile has the features of both a car and a boat. None of these vehicles can talk or think, except Herbie, a Volkswagon with an attitude. Special airplanes, like the Kitty Hawk, no longer fly but are kept in the Smithsonian air and space museum.

2. Create a rule-base which could be used to help students decide which courses to take in your major department. Remember to consider degree requirements, prerequisites, and your own suggestions for which courses are the best to take. You can assume a course database that identifies course number, course title, prerequisites, whether the course is required, the instructor, and any other declarative information you want your rules to consider. Attributes of the student your system is helping should also be considered -- and it probably should not suggest they take 23 hours of computer science classes in one semester. Create a good sized rule-base (at least 10 rules). You can use any reasonable notation for expressing the rules. This does not have to cover all courses or all situations.