CPSC 315: Programming Studio Assignments

All reports turned in on paper are to be printed on a word processor
or typed (no handwritten assignments will be accepted).  All writing
should be the work of the student -- any text taken from other sources
needs to be quoted and referenced.  It is expected that students will
correct grammar and spelling -- these are grounds to deduct from your
grade. (i.e. Use a spelling checker and reread what you write before
turning it in.)

315 Assignment 1: Individual Project

Due by 5pm on February 3, 2009

Reading, Storing, and Presenting Information

315 Assignment 2: Team Project 1

Multiple due dates (see assignment)

Database Implementation and Use

315 Assignment 3: Team Project 2

Multiple due dates (see assignment)

Search and Learning-based Game Playing needs to support search-based API and learning-based API.

315 Assignment 4: Team Project 3

Multiple due dates (see assignment)

Information Retrieval and Visualization needs to support a set of interfaces to your tokenizer, stemmer, and index in addition to providing the human interfaces for querying and browsing the collection.

315 Team Project Individual Report Format

Individual reports on team projects will be due one day after the final code/documentation deliverable for each team project. The instuctions can be found here.