CPSC 445: Computers and New Media Assignments

All reports turned in on paper are to be printed on a word processor
or typed (no handwritten assignments will be accepted).  All writing
should be the work of the student -- any text taken from other sources
needs to be quoted and referenced.  It is expected that students will
correct grammar and spelling -- these are grounds to deduct from your
grade. (i.e. Use a spelling checker and reread what you write before
turning it in.)

445 Assignment 1:

Due by end of day on September 7

1. Create a personal web page for this class. It will be where you place links to other writings/work you do during the semester. On this page you need to include your name, a photo of yourself, and a brief statement on why you are in this class.

Also include a list of media you use every week -- you should subdivide the higher-level media (e.g. television), into more specific media (e.g. science fiction shows). Feel free to specify specific instances (e.g. Lost, Battlestar Galactica) although you do not need to specify all. As a starting point, remember that high-level media include telephones, television, movies, radio, music, computer games, email, instant messenger, etc.

445 Assignment 2:

Due by end of day on September 26

1. Read through the web pages created by your fellow students -- a link to the list of pages is now available from the course's homepage and here. Read for common interests, reasons for taking the course, etc.

Create a new web page -- linked from your existing web page -- describing these common themes with links to the common elements. Email the new URL to me by the end of September 26.