CPSC 656: Computers and New Media Assignments

All reports turned in on paper are to be printed on a word processor
or typed (no handwritten assignments will be accepted).  All writing
should be the work of the student -- any text taken from other sources
needs to be quoted and referenced.  It is expected that students will
correct grammar and spelling -- these are grounds to deduct from your
grade. (i.e. Use a spelling checker and reread what you write before
turning it in.)

656 Assignment 1:

Due by end of day on January 22

1. Create a personal web page for this class. It will be where you place links to other writings/work you do during the semester. On this page you need to include your name, a photo of yourself, and a brief statement on why you are in this class.

Also include a list of media you use every week -- you should subdivide the higher-level media (e.g. television), into more specific media (e.g. science fiction shows). Feel free to specify specific instances (e.g. X Files) although you do not need to specify all. As a starting point, remember that high-level media include telephones, television, movies, radio, music, computer games, email, instant messenger, etc.

656 Assignment 2:

Due by end of day on February 12

1. Read through the web pages created by your fellow students -- a link to the list of pages is now available from the course's homepage and here. Read for common interests, reasons for taking the course, etc.

Create a new web page -- linked from your existing web page -- describing these common themes with links to the common elements. Email the new URL to me by the end of February 12.

656 Assignment 3:

Due by end of day on February 28

1. Download and install the Visual Knowledge Builder (VKB) from here. You will be authoring a spatial hypertext in VKB for this assignment. More instructions are available here.