Third Workshop on Spatial Hypertext

Nottingham, UK

August 26, 2003

Participants and Position Papers

Claus Atzenbeck, Uffe Kock Will, David Hicks, and Peter Nuernberg, "Investigating Structure Domain Interoperability"

Mark Bernstein, TBD

Jamie Blustein and Jason Satel, "Spatial Ability and Information Shape: When Do Individual Differences Matter"

Luis Francisco-Revilla and Frank Shipman, "MASH: A Framework for Adaptive Spatial Hypermedia"

Andruid Kerne, "combinFormation: Generative Visual Visceral Spatial Hypertext Collections"

Catherine C. Marshall, TBD

Kumiyo Nakakoji and Yasuhiro Yamamoto, "The Column View and the Space View for Authoring a Network Structure"

Jim Rosenberg, "Hypertext in the Open Air: A Systemless Approach to Spatial Hypertext"

Jeff Rush, "Spatial/Temporal Literary Hypertext"