From: Dave Millard (dem_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 16 May 2002 - 10:59:09 CDT

Hello OHS list members,

Please find enclosed the call for participation for OHS2002 - The International Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems which will be held in conjunction with Hypertext 2002 in Maryland, USA (June 11th - 15th).

While the position papers have all now been selected, there is still time for those that wish to attend (but do not have anything explicitly to present) to register for the conference and workshop at the early rates.

Important dates:

Please feel free to forward this call.

Best wishes,


                       Call for Participation


                  Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems:
                  Core Concepts & Research Directions

                        in conjunction with
                           Hypertext 2002
                  Maryland, USA (June 11th - 15th)


This workshop will be open to all aspects relevant to Open Hypermedia Systems but with a clear focus on the following topics:

Activities Planned

The position papers for the workshop have now been received and are available at the following URL along with the agenda :


The workshop is to be organised by splitting it into two sessions consisting of brief position presentations and discussion. The first session will concentrate on Linking and Structure (OHS and XLink) and the second on Open Infrastructure (Open Services and Security).

Important Dates

Organisers Names and Background

David Millard is a Research Fellow in the Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia Group at the University of Southampton. He has participated in the Open Hypermedia Workshops and Working Group meetings since 1997, where he was a key contributor to the OHP suite of protocols and the development of the Fundamental Open Hypermedia Model (FOHM).

Joerg Haake is chair for distributed systems at FernUniversitaet Hagen, the German distance learning university. He is actively participating in Hypertext conferences since 1991 and is engaged in OHS workshops since 1996.

Sigi Reich is the head of SunTREC (Sun Technology and Research Excellence Center) at Salzburg Research, Austria. He has participated in the Open Hypermedia Workshops and Working Group meetings since 1996. Over the last few years Sigi Reich has been involved in aspects of interoperability of Open Hypermedia Systems, in particular the development of the Open Hypermedia Navigational Interface (OHP-Nav) and the Fundamental Open Hypermedia Model (FOHM).


David Millard
Department of Electronics & Computer Science, University of Southampton,
Highfield, Southampton,
SO17 1BJ, UK


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