Call for Participation: ACM Hypertext 2002

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Date: Fri 26 Apr 2002 - 17:55:11 CDT

			       ACM Hypertext 2002
			        June 13-15, 2002
			University of Maryland, College Park
			     Sponsored by ACM SIGWEB

ACM Hypertext is a leading international conference on hypertext and hypermedia,
which includes navigational aids, infrastructures to digital libraries, interactive
literature, human-computer interaction, software engineering, computer-supported
collaborative work, and the World Wide Web. We welcome scholars, researchers, and
practitioners from a diverse array of disciplines to exchange and discuss ideas on
hypermedia, its design and use in a variety of domains, and the ability of such technologies to alter the way we read, write, argue, learn, exchange information,
and entertain ourselves.

+ Engineering Internet Services
+ SMIL 2.0: Interactive Multimedia on the Web
+ Evaluating, Using, and Publishing eBooks
+ Introduction to XML
+ Web Logs in Industry, Research, and Education:

        The hypertextuality of weblogs, wikis, and tinderboxes
+ Spatial Hypertext and Information Analysis
+ WebDAV and DeltaV: The Writeable, Collaborative, Versionable Web
+ XLink and XSLT
+ Engineering Large-scale Hypermedia Systems
+ Programming in C#
+ Information Management for the Information Technology Professional

Papers Include:
+ An Infrastructure for Open Latent Semantic Linking
+ Authoring Fluid Narrative Hypertexts Using Treetable Visualizations
+ Context Perception in Video-based Hypermedia Spaces
+ Contextualized Preview of Image Map Links
+ Graphical Notations, Narratives and Persuasion:

        A Pliant Systems Approach to Hypertext Tool Design
+ HyperContext: A Framework for Adaptive Hypertext
+ Links in the Palm of your Hand: Tangible Hypermedia using Augmented Reality
+ Map-Based Horizontal Navigation in Educational Hypertext
+ On Hyperstructure and Musical Structure
+ Predicting Web Actions from HTML Content
+ Semantics Happen: Knowledge Building in Spatial Hypertext
+ Spatial Hypertext for Linear-Information Authoring: Interaction Design

        and System Development Based on the ART Design Principle
+ Storyspace I
+ Towards Geo-Spatial Hypermedia: Concepts and Prototype Implementation
+ Uniform Comparison of Data Models Using Containment Modeling

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