Tutorials/Workshops/Developers Day at WWW 2002 - 11th International WWW Conference

From: Michael Bieber (bieber_at_homer.njit.edu)
Date: Fri 01 Mar 2002 - 12:32:34 CST

We'd like to invite you to attend WWW2002. This message includes brief information about the conference, tutorials, workshops and Developers Day.

WWW2002 - 11th International WWW Conference Sheraton Waikiki Hotel - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA May 7-11, 2002

Beginning with the first International WWW Conference in 1994, this prestigious series of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2) provides a refereed forum for WWW research. It also provides a public forum for the WWW Consortium (W3C) through the annual W3C track.

WORKSHOPS (http://www2002.org/fulldayworkshops.html) Workshops and tutorials take place on the first day before the conference.

TUTORIALS (http://www2002.org/halfdaytutorials.html and http://www2002.org/fulldaytutorials.html)

DEVELOPERS DAY (http://www2002.org/devday.html) Developers Day takes place on the last day of the conference. It is devoted to the interests of Web developers, offering in-depth discussions of technologies and tools at the forefront of the Web.


CONFERENCE PROGRAM (http://www2002.org/program.html) The conference has a formal refereed papers track, as well as several alternate tracks. Papers presented in the alternate tracks are also refereed.

Alternate Tracks:

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