ACM SIGWEB Hypertext 2002 - Call for Participation

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ACM SIGWEB                                      June 11th - 15th, 2002
2002 Hypertext Conference                        College Park, MD, USA  

>From online documentation aboard aircraft carriers to distance learning
degree programs to interactive entertainment, hypertext and hypermedia have transformed our world. The foremost international conference on hypertext and hypermedia, the International Hypertext conference brings together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from a diverse array of disciplines--including computing, literature, law, art, medicine, business, journalism, philosophy, psychology, and engineering--to consider the form, role, and impact of hypertext and hypermedia. Hypertext 2002 will continue to provide a forum where attendees can exchange and discuss ideas on hypermedia, its design and use in a variety of domains, while also considering the ability of these technologies to alter the way we read, write, argue, learn, exchange information, or entertain ourselves.

Hypertext 2002 welcomes discussions from designers and users of hypermedia applications and works in academia, business, entertainment, and industry. Here attendees can discuss all aspects of hypermedia, ranging from navigational aids, time, and infrastructures to digital libraries, interactive literature, virtual and augmented reality environments, gaming, human-computer interaction, software engineering, computer-supported collaborative work, and, of course, the World Wide Web. Formats for presentation include papers, panels and technical briefings, short papers and posters, demonstrations, exhibits, courses, workshops, and a doctoral consortium.

Paper topics include but are not limited to:   Interactive games and entertainment
  Effects of hypermedia on business or industry   Experiences with the application of hypermedia   Innovative hypertexts and novel uses of hypertext and hypermedia   Web-based hypermedia drama
  Collaborative hypermedia technology and applications   Hypermedia in virtual environments and augmented reality environments   Hypermedia in fiction, scholarship, and technical writing   Hypermedia in education and training
  Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation   Hypermedia and time: narratives and storyboarding   Hypertext rhetoric and criticism
  Integration and open hypermedia architectures   Large-scale distributed hypermedia
  Structuring hypermedia documents for reading and retrieval   Theories, models, architectures, standards, and frameworks   Hypermedia user interfaces
  Object-oriented hypermedia
  Hypermedia infrastructure technologies   Hypermedia middleware and components
  Hypermedia authoring
  Hypermedia for the Internet      

Hypertext 2002 Program Committee
Program Chairs
  Kenneth M. Anderson, University of Colorado   Stuart Moulthrop, University of Baltimore Program Committee
  Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems
  Hugh Davis, University of Southampton   Paul De Bra, Eindhoven University of Technology   David De Roure, University of Southampton   Jane Yellowlees Douglas, University of Florida   Kaj Gronbaek, University of Aarhus
  Joerg Haake, FernUniversitaet Hagen
  David Hicks, Aalborg University Esbjerg   Cathy Marshall, Microsoft
  Frank Nack, CWI
  Peter J. Nuernberg, Aalborg University Esbjerg   Siegfried Reich, Salzburg Research
  Jim Rosenberg
  Frank Shipman, Texas A&M University
  E. James Whitehead, University of California, Santa Cruz   Uffe Wiil, Aalborg University Esbjerg

Important Dates
    Papers due January 3rd, 2002
    Notification of acceptance March 15th, 2002     Camera-ready copy due April 15th, 2002   Tutorials
    Proposals due January 15th, 2002
    Notification of acceptance January 30th, 2002   Workshops
    Proposals due January 3rd, 2002
    Notification of acceptance March 15th, 2002   Doctoral Consortium
    Submissions due March 10th, 2002
    Notification of acceptance March 31st, 2002   Panels
    Proposals due January 3rd, 2002
    Notification of acceptance March 15th, 2002   Demos and Posters
    Due dates and notification TBA

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