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Date: Mon 24 Sep 2001 - 02:34:52 CDT

COPENHAGEN HOSTS NORTHERN EUROPE'S LARGEST INTERACTIVE EVENT +++ New Nordic conference about the future of digital interactive technology: Be part of it when IT, business, science and art join forces in Copenhagen 31.Oct. - 3. Nov.2001 +++

*****PROGRAMME & ONLINE REGISTRATION AT WWW.NIC2001.ORG *********** The Nordic countries boast some of the world's most innovative researchers, best designers and most advanced IT industry. They will meet and present and showcase the best of digital interactive technology at a four-day conference in Copenhagen, the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. The conference programme also includes a number of international keynote speakers.

Among the topics covered are:
* Speech recognition

At the NIC2001 Expo, you can see and experience tomorrow's technology as it is currently being developed in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Among the exhibitors are the leading Nordic IT research institutes and Nordic high-tech companies.

The Art Gallery presents cutting edge, high quality, interactive and computer-based art created by Nordic and international artists. You will be able to see and experience fascinating and innovative art ranging from web-based projects to huge installations where both organic life forms and computers are built into the artwork. The NIC2001 Art Gallery will be the main event presenting interactive computer based art in the Nordic Region this year.

Conference Language is English

The full conference programme is available at

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