[FYI] 3rd Workshop on Structural Computing: Deadline Extention

From: Tsagarakis Manolis (tzagara_at_cti.gr)
Date: Sun 03 Jun 2001 - 20:13:00 CDT


     i would like o inform you that the deadline for the 3rd Workshop
     on Structural Computing has been extended to June 11.



                  Deadline extended to June 11 


                       Call for Participation

         3rd International Workshop on Structural Computing (SC3)
                         in conjunction with
            Hypertext 2001, Aarhus, DK, August 14 - 18, 2001

 WORKSHOP INTRODUCTION & HISTORY    The conceptual foundations of Open Hypermedia - its underlying  structures and behaviors - have all focused on supporting one task:  information navigation. However, these abstractions cannot address  issues in new domains (e.g. spatial and taxonomic hypermedia ) in a  convinient and efficient way. Structural computing asserts the  primacy of structure over data shaping the theoretical and practical  foundations upon which applications in new hypermedia domains can be  developed. In achieving such a framework, structure-oriented models  as well as services that can be build on top of it should be the  primary research focus of the open hypermedia community. Structural  computing attempts to change the way the invisible but important  infrastructure of contemporary Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS) work in  providing open structure-based services in heterogeneous environments.  The current move of the hypermedia community in producing  Component-Based Open Hypermedia Systems (CB-OHS) is providing the  vehicle for structural computing to become increasingly important  and relevant to the hypermedia community in general.  

 SC3 is the third workshop of this series. The previous two workshops  have been SC1, held in conjunction with the ACM Hypertext 99  Conference in Darmstadt organized by Peter Nuernberg and SC2, held  in conjunction with the ACM Hypertext 2000 Conference in San Antonio  organized by Kenneth Anderson.  

 WORKSHOP TOPICS    SC3 will be open to all aspects relevant to structural computing.  Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following:  

 SUBMISSION DETAILS    Accepted papers will be published as post-workshop Proceedings by  Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, in the Lecture Notes in Computer  Science (LNCS) Series ( See Author guidelines for more details  http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html ).  Submit your paper not later than June 5th, 2001 encoded as PDF via  e-mail to tzagara_at_cti.gr. Position papers should be between 7 and  not more than 10 pages in length.Submissions not following these  guidelines cannot be published.  


 WORKSHOP URL    http://www.cti.gr/sc3  

 ORGANIZER    Manolis M. Tzagarakis
Computer Technology Institute (CTI)
Research Unit II
 61 Riga Feraiou Str.
 GR-262 21 Patras
 Phone: +30 61 960381
 Fax: +30 61 997783
 e-mail: tzagara_at_cti.gr

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