[info] CFP OHS 7 - The 7th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems

From: Siegfried Reich (sreich_at_salzburgresearch.at)
Date: Thu 31 May 2001 - 10:08:52 CDT

Dear all,

please find enclosed the call for participation for OHS7 - the 7th International Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems which will be held in conjunction with Hypertext 2001 in Aarhus, DK (August 14-18). Post-workshop Proceedings of OHS 7, Structural Computing 3 (SC3) and the Workshop on Adaptive Hypermedia (AH3) will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series (LNCS, see also details below).

Please feel free to forward this call.

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                       Call for Participation

              7th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems

                        in conjunction with
                           Hypertext 2001
                  Aarhus, DK, August 14-18 2001


The 7th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS7) will be held in conjunction with Hypertext 2001, the 12th of the premier ACM conferences on hypertext and hypermedia.

WORKSHOP INTRODUCTION & HISTORY An Open Hypermedia System (OHS) is typically a middleware component which provides hypermedia functionality to all applications on the users' desktop. Hence, existing tools and applications can be hypermedia enabled using the functionality provided by OHSs.

Starting with OHS1 (held at ECHT '94 Edinburgh, Scotland), a series of workshops around this overall theme of OHSs has been organized: OHS2 (held at Hypertext '96 Washington, D.C.), OHS3 (held at Hypertext '97 in sunny Southampton, UK), OHS4 (held at Hypertext '98 in Pittsburgh, PA), OHS5 (held at Hypertext '99 in Darmstadt, Germany) and finally OHS6 (held at Hypertext '00 in San Antonio, TX).

The OHS community has established itself as a very active part of the hypermedia research community. In March 1996, members of the OHS community formed the Open Hypermedia Systems Working Group (OHSWG). Since then, the OHSWG has been pursuing the difficult and rewarding task of addressing interoperability amongst Open Hypermedia Systems. Proposals for reference architectures, protocols for Open Hypermedia Systems, application scenarios, the distinction between different hypertext application domains, issues of OHS and Web integration, and many more contributions from both researchers and practitioners build the repertoire of subjects that have been addressed at previous workshops.

WORKSHOP THEME & POSITION PAPERS Workshop papers should clearly state the author's view of important results or research topics that should be addressed at the workshop. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

If you are in doubt whether your subject is appropriate for OHS7 feel free to contact the organiser.

Accepted papers will be published as Post-workshop Proceedings in Springer's LNCS Series. Papers should be 7 to 10 pages A4 in length and should be formatted according to Springer's LNCS guidelines (see also the workshop Web page and the LNCS

Author's                                                Guidelines
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html).     Submit    your
paper via email to sreich_at_salzburgresearch.at not later than Tuesday, June 5, 2001.


Salzburg Research / SunTREC
Jakob Haringer Str. 5
5020 Salzburg

phone +43 662 2288 461
fax +43 662 2288 222
email sreich_at_salzburgresearch.at
www http://www.salzburgresearch.at/~sreich/

Sigi Reich is the head of SunTREC Salzburg (Sun Technology and Research Excellence Center). He has participated in the Open Hypermedia Workshops and Working Group meetings since 1996. Over the last years Sigi Reich has been involved in aspects of interoperability of Open Hypermedia Systems, in particular the development of the Open Hypermedia Navigational Interface (OHP-Nav). He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Computer Science from the University of Vienna. A CV with further details including a list of publications can be obtained from

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