CFP: HT'01 Workshop: Educational and Training Applications of Hypertext

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Date: Mon 21 May 2001 - 09:00:52 CDT

HT'01 Workshop: Educational and Training Applications of Hypertext

To be held at the Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia Hypertext'01, Århus, Denmark, August 14-18, 2001 Co-chairs Su White & Hugh Davis

Two page position papers are invited

Deadline 10th June 2001

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Goals, Approach, and Participant Requirements:

Workshop theme and goals
Theme: Learning from hypertext experiences. A reflection on innovations, experiences and evaluations of educational and training applications of hypertext.

To identify and disseminate issues in the use of hypertext which can inform and help set the agenda for future research.

To establish and build a community within and across the hypertext communities which reflects upon the application and practice of the use of hypertext in learning alongside leading edge research issues.

The workshop content directly addresses the HT’01 conference themes “Experiences with the application of hypermedia”; “Hypermedia in education and training” and “Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation”. Many of those actively involved in theoretical hypertext research are also practitioners who make use of their applications in the context of education and training. There has been a growing awareness that reflections and evaluations of the educational and training experiences of using hypertext might usefully inform hypertext research. This workshop provides an opportunity to nurture this type of reflection.

Submission Information

Two page position papers are invited

People interested in participating should e-mail a two page position paper, indicating your potential contribution to this workshop.

In addition, append to your proposal a cover sheet of summary information, contact details and a brief biography for each proposed attendee (150 words max) which outlines relevant experience beyond the specific case. A template for the cover sheet is at the end of this document. The submission should be sent in the format for short papers (see website for template under short papers The preferred format is PDF but otherwise as MS Word, RTF or plain text is acceptable. Send your submission and the cover sheet as attachment to the following address:

We expect participants to be prepared to write as well as talk, and we will aim to shape their position statements and the workshop discussion into a final report of the proceedings. This final report plus some longer versions of selected papers may be put forward for publication

Intended audience
Those members of the hypertext and hypertext systems communities who wish to reflect on current practice and to enable practice to inform future developments.

Description of activities planned
The workshop with be co-chaired by Su White and Hugh Davis (IAM Learning Technologies University of Southampton, UK) Welcome and introductions, an invited speaker to set tone for workshop, morning session of 2x3 15 minute presentations with 5 mins each for questions. Afternoon sessions of 4 15 minute presentations with 5 mins each for questions. This will be followed by wash-up plenary discussion.

Submission Deadline: 10th June2001
Acceptance notification:20th 2001
Workshop(Århus, Denmark): 15 August 2001 HT'01 Conference (Århus, Denmark): 14-18 August 2001

Background Information

Su White has been active in learning and teaching in the UK HE community since 1993. She was formerly manager of the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (TLTP) Scholar Project which sought to establish "a campus wide structure for multimedia learning" at the University of Southampton through the use of the Microcosm open hypermedia system. She was also Manager of the University of Southampton Interactive Learning Centre. Based in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science she is a member of the Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia Research Group. She is also co-ordinator for the national Electrical and Electronic Engineering Assessment Network (e3an), Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Southampton.

Hugh Davis has been involved in the uses of Hypertext in Education since the late 1980's. He was one of the original Microcosm team, and in addition to his open hypertext systems interests, he researches in Learning Technologies. Hugh was general co-chair of Hypertext '97 and is programme co-chair for Hypertext '01

HT'01 Workshop: Educational and Training Applications of Hypertext - Cover Sheet

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