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From: Kenneth M. Anderson (
Date: Sat 19 May 2001 - 22:02:29 CDT


The Hypertext 2001 Doctoral Consortium (DocCon) will be held this year in Aarhus, Denmark, co-located (as usual) with the Hypertext 2001 conference.

I am the DocCon Chair this year and I'm sending this message hoping to solicit a few more applications from Ph.D. candidates on the technical side of hypermedia. So far I've received only one application from a "techi"! :-) (The literati are well represented this year with 4 very strong candidates.) The deadline for application was May 10th, but I'm invoking Chair privilege and extending the deadline until I've got a few more technical candidates to balance the consortium.

If you are a Ph.D. candidate entering your last year (or two) of your technical dissertation on a hypermedia-related topic, and you think you can swing the trip to Aarhus this summer, please apply by sending me (via the following three items ASAP:

  1. a C.V.
  2. a position statement describing your: area, problem, approach, initial results, etc.
  3. a letter of recommendation from your advisor

See the HT'01 website for more information: <>.

Now for the good part, the benefits:

  1. Your dissertation will be reviewed by active members of the hypertext research field, and they will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement "one-on-one".
  2. You will meet fellow students all facing the same thing your facing: finishing that dissertation! Come meet colleagues and friends that you will know for years to come!
  3. Attend the DocCon without missing your favorite workshop or tutorial. Kaj has agreed to hold the DocCon on a day that does not conflict with the major research workshops. You can get feedback on your dissertation and still attend the workshop that presents the current research of your field!
  4. And more! (Details to be provided soon!)

I hope to see you all in Aarhus this summer!


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