Cyberflats 2001

From: Uffe Kock Wiil (
Date: Thu 17 May 2001 - 03:38:36 CDT


You are invited to participate in the CyberFlats 2001 Workshop!

We are looking for a few electronic media writers, artists, and developers to work together with hypermedia system developers to share ideas and solve specific problems. If you would like to collaborate with an exciting, bleeding edge group, please provide a proposal outlining a specific project (a narrow, focused problem to solve) or offering your interests and insights to use a developer's system and ideas.

CyberFlats will be a chance for hypermedia system developers and artists and writers to work together to provide development tools to address hypermedia system needs. A maximum of 10 writers and 10 system developers will gather for a one day meeting August 19 right after Hypertext 2001 at Aarhus University to discuss projects, collaboration, and electronic media and hypermedia issues. Developers and artists and writers will work in small groups together for 2 -3 days (August 20 - 22) at Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark.

Please submit a description of your work and your goals for working together by June 10. We will pair up groups so that you can discuss and share work ahead of the meeting.

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Uffe Kock Wiil
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