CFD: OHSWG 6.5 Meeting

From: Niels Olof Bouvin (
Date: Wed 28 Feb 2001 - 05:02:54 CST


_(fwd link)_The time for OHSWG 6.5 meeting in Aarhus is nigh. For that purpose I would like to issue a Call For Dates, as I of course would like to see as many of you as possible here in Aarhus.

As usual the meeting will take place over a weekend.

I suggest that the meeting be held in late March or April, and if you have any particular dates where you can or cannot participate, please alert me.

The overall theme of the meeting will the further standardisation of OHP, eventually getting it in a state fit for a RFC.

Based on the responses, I will issue the final date in a week.


        Niels Olof

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