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IMPORTANT DEADLINE APPROACHING February 16th, 2001: Papers, Panel and Technical Briefing proposals,

                         Workshop proposals, Hypertext Readings and
                         Tutorial proposals are due

FIRST KEYNOTE ANNOUNCEMENT Hypertext 2001's featured keynote: noted interactive game creator, Jordan Mechner. Best known for his groundbreaking Prince of Persia (Brøderbund, 1989), which pioneered the use of realistic animation in an interactive action game, Mechner has produced many innovative and best-selling interactive games, including Karateka (Brøderbund, 1986), Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (Brøderbund, 1993), The Last Express (1997) and Prince of Persia 3-D (Learning Company, 1999). Prince of Persia won numerous prestigious awards, including the Tilt d'Or and MacUser Eddy awards and has been translated into six languages. With The Last Express, Mechner further pioneered the use of multiple points-of-view in a cinematic adventure that takes place, uniquely, in real time. Lauded by critics, The Last Express featured more than twice the dialogue of feature films, thirty different characters, and multiple plot pathways and multiple conclusions that, as one critic noted, "create a sense of real-time suspense and unpredictability beyond that of a traditional adventure game." Mechner is also the director of the film documentary Waiting for Dark and has recently completed a screenplay for a feature film of The Last Express.

More background on Jordan Mechner at:

MORE ON HYPERTEXT 2001 - THE TWELFTH ACM CONFERENCE ON HYPERTEXT AND HYPERMEDIA _(fwd link)_From online documentation aboard aircraft carriers to distance learning degree programs to interactive entertainment, hypertext and hypermedia have already begun to transform our world. The foremost international conference on hypertext and hypermedia, the International Hypertext conferences have brought together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from a diverse array of disciplines-including computing, literature, law, art, medicine, business, journalism, philosophy, psychology, and engineering-to consider the form, role, and impact of hypertext and hypermedia. Hypertext 2001 will continue to provide a forum where attendees can exchange and discuss ideas on hypermedia, as well as its design and use in a variety of domains, while also considering the transformative power of hypermedia and its ability to potentially alter the way we read, write, argue, work, exchange information, or entertain ourselves.

Hypertext 2001 welcomes discussions from designers and users of hypermedia applications and works in academia, business, entertainment, and industry. Here attendees can discuss all aspects of hypermedia, ranging from navigational aids, time, and infrastructures to digital libraries, interactive literature, virtual and augmented reality environments, gaming, human-computer interaction, software engineering, computer-supported collaborative work, and, of course, the World Wide Web. A particular focus of this conference will be on papers dealing with experiences and evaluation of hypertexts. Formats for presentation include papers, panels and technical briefings, short papers and posters, demonstrations, exhibits, courses, workshops, and a doctoral consortium.

Topics include but are not limited to:

   o Interactive games and entertainment    o Effects of hypermedia on business or industry    o Experiences with the application of hypermedia    o Innovative hypertexts and novel uses of hypertext and hypermedia    o Web-based hypermedia drama
   o Collaborative hypermedia technology and applications    o Hypermedia in virtual environments and augmented reality environments    o Hypermedia in fiction, scholarship, and technical writing    o Hypermedia in education and training    o Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation    o Hypermedia and time: narratives and storyboarding    o Hypertext rhetoric and criticism
   o Integration and open hypermedia architectures    o Large-scale distributed hypermedia
   o Structuring hypermedia documents for reading and retrieval    o Theories, models, architectures, standards, and frameworks    o Hypermedia user interfaces
   o Object-oriented hypermedia
   o Hypermedia infrastructure technologies    o Hypermedia middleware and components    o Hypermedia authoring
   o Hypermedia for the Internet

For submission details, please go to the conference website, available at

IMPORTANT DATES February 16th, 2001: Papers, Panel and Technical Briefing proposals,

                         Workshop proposals, Hypertext Readings and
                         Tutorial proposals due
April 18th, 2001:       Notification of acceptance for Full Papers,
                         Panels, Workshops, Hypertext Readings and Tutorials
May 10th, 2001:         Short Papers, Doctoral Consortium submissions;
                         Poster proposals, Demonstration proposals, and
                         Exhibit proposals due
June 15th, 2001:        Bernie submissions due
May 31st, 2001:         Notification of acceptance for Short Papers, Doctoral
                         Consortium submissions, Posters, Demonstrations,
                         and Exhibits; Final versions of accepted Full
                         Papers due
August 14-18, 2001:     Hypertext 2001 Conference


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