Re: Seeking Experience with n-ary Links

From: Uffe Kock Wiil (
Date: Mon 18 Sep 2000 - 04:26:34 CDT

Hi Jim,

> I am looking for references to experience with the OHS n-ary link. If your
> system supports n-ary links, please E-mail me backchannel. I'm particularly
> interested to find out if there are any user experience papers related to
> the use of n-ary links. I would also like any references anyone may have to
> scenarios for OHP messages for n-ary links.

My old OHS (HyperDisco) supports n-ary links. HyperDisco is documented in papers at HT96 and HT97. None of these papers, however, focus on n-ary links or include any user experiences using this feature.



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