[redir] Systems Developers

From: by way of Sigi Reich (textra_at_chisp.net)
Date: Mon 22 Mar 1999 - 02:41:16 CST

Hi Sigi,

I was wondering if you knew any open hypemedia systems folks who would want to come to CyberMountain to discuss hypertext systems and content requirements? This will be an intense four day workshop to look at systems and ideas.

Could you pass it onto these folks? Thanks! Deena

CyberMountain Hypertext Writing Workshop

A handful of openings may remain for the Cybermountain Workshop, May 28-June 2, 1999

CyberMountain and the corresponding MOO session are designed to advance both hypertexts and hypertext tools to new levels. Writers and system designers will meet in an intense, round-the-clock workshop.


An ambitious international MOO will conclude the workshop, with satellite
conferences throughout the world. The MOO will take place from 3 to 6 pm,
Greenwich Mean Time, Wednesday June 2, 1999, starting with a keynote MOO talk by Stuart Moulthrop (Victory Garden). For more information about the
MOO, see


        1 p.m. in Brazil
        10 am in Boston (because the US will be on daylight savings
        8 am in Denver
        4 pm in Amsterdam
        10 pm Western Australia Standard (Better check the date!)
        11 pm Japan Standard
        12 am Eastern Australia Standard

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