Helping with the SIGWEB Digital Library Effort

From: Michael Bieber (
Date: Tue 16 Mar 1999 - 08:59:43 CST

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to invite the OHS community to participate in the SIGWEB Digital Library Effort (HyNIC). HyNIC should be OHS-compliant, where possible. It should be able to serve as a testbed for hypermedia systems. It should be a central resource point for hypertext features. The OHS community should be able to make strong contributions to this effort.

I've placed a Call for Participation at

I'd welcome participation from as many of you as possible on HyNIC's task forces. Could you please look at the CFP above and tell me which task forces you would like to work on. If you'd like to work on more than one task force, that also would be fine.

I don't have a feel for how much time this effort will take. Hopefully a few hours a week, but maybe more. Each task force will work by email, presumably.

Please respond by this Friday: March 19th.

Thanks so much!


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