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Date: Thu 04 Mar 1999 - 04:28:39 CST

Thanks Sigi

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>Hello everyone,
>I just felt that it would need an e-mail to this list after the successful
>demos, workshops and technical briefing at HT99 in Darmstadt. So here it is:
>The Demos
>Despite minor technical problems in actually running the demos (such as
>notebooks lacking memory, etc.) we received much positive feedback and
>interest. I'd personally also count the CAOS demo (collaborative open
>spatial hypermedia) as part of the OHSWG's demonstrations and I believe
>this demo has been very successful as well.
>The Tech Briefing
>Again, the technical briefing was a great success both in terms of people
>present and the feedback received (it certainly helped that we got a slot
>in the main conference program - thanks to Uffe, John, and Jörg!). For
>those who didn't have a chance to see it, the slides are available as
>(compressed PowerPoint).
>The Workshops
>Though I personally have been only attending the OHS workshop (which has
>been yet again very successful!), from what people told me I know that the
>structural computing workshop has been a success as well. Both workshops
>have been well attended and there were plenty of interesting position
>statements/papers (see and
>It is planned to run both workshops again at the next conference (and BTW:
>I sort of "volunteered" to plan and organise OHS6); perhaps we might do a
>joint session to give people the possibility to exchange
>experiences/results and also express that they both take place under the
>OHSWG umbrella.
>OHSWG .5 meeting
>A working group meeting has been proposed to take place in Esbjerg, DK, in
>September this year; probably right after or before ECSCW (12.-16. Sep.).
>Uffe volunteered to organise this meeting and will mail further details and
>suggestions of dates.
>Sigi Reich
>Multimedia Research Group
>Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Bldg. 59
>University of Southampton, Southampton S017 1BJ, UK
>phone +44 (0)1703 59 6505 fax +44 (0) 1703 59 2865

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