CFP: ECOOP'99 Multi-User Object-Oriented Environments Workshop

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Date: Fri 29 Jan 1999 - 05:20:32 CST

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 Multi-User Object-Oriented Environments Workshop


                  In association with the 
13th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP'99)

               Lisbon, Portugal, 14-18 June 1999

MOOs are object-oriented environments where multiple users synchronously and asynchronously interact in the context of virtual worlds. MOO environments constitute a challenging context for object-orientation theory and practice due to their unique requirements for adaptability, simplicity of use, dynamic changes, functional and non-functional domains to be considered, domain-specific languages, software architectures, object-oriented frameworks, coordination and distribution.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together MOO users and researchers to discuss the technical requirements of Multi-User Object-Oriented Environments on object-oriented languages and frameworks.

Workshop focus:

The intended audience of this workshop are those researchers and developers who have been actively involved in the use, design and development of multi-user object-oriented environments. Interested participants should submit a position paper (4-10 pages) that focuses on one of the relevant topics. Papers outside the suggested topic areas will be considered and reviewed by the organizing committee. Please include a brief biography with your paper.

1-2 pages of each accepted position paper will be published in the ECOOP Workshop Reader by Springer-Verlag as a LNCS.

Important Dates:

  Ivan Tomek, Jodrey School of Computer Science, Acadia University, Canada
  Alicia Diaz, Lifia - Dpto. Informatica - UNLP, Argentina   Ronald Melster, GMD FIRST, Germany
  António Rito Silva, INESC/IST Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Electronic submissions to:

Alicia Diaz

Lifia - Dpto. Informatica - UNLP    |      e-mail:
CC: 11                                                |      te/fax: (+54)
221 422 8252
(1900) La Plata - Argentina            |

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