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Date: Thu 29 Oct 1998 - 12:28:46 CST

WWW8 - Eight International Conference on the World Wide Web   Toronto, May 11-14, 1999

  Paper Submission Web Site:

  Paper submission deadline: November 23, 1998   Author notification: February 1, 1999   Paper final version due: March 1, 1999   Conference: May 11-14, 1999

  The WWW8 Conference, sponsored by the International World Wide Web   Conference Committee (IW3C2) and managed by Foretec Seminars, will   consist of refereed technical papers, tutorials, workshops, posters,   a W3C track, and a Developer's Day track. Technical papers present   original reports of substantive new work in areas that can be   theoretical (models, analysis techniques, semantics), empirical   (experiments, case studies), or implementation-oriented (new systems,   tools, methodologies, user interfaces). Papers should properly place   the work within the field, cite related work, and clearly indicate the   innovative aspects of the work and its contribution to the development   of the WWW. Papers will be refereed by an international Program   Committee.

  The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics of interest:

  WWW Performance

  Browsers and Tools

  Hypertext and Hypermedia

  User Interfaces

  Searching, Querying, and Indexing

  Electronic Commerce and Security

  To submit a paper, go to

  Paper format:

  Papers should be no longer than 20 pages, with the main body set   in a 12-point font. We will accept papers in HTML (browsable by any of   the commonly used browsers), PostScript, or PDF formats.

  A note on accessibility issues: Whenever appropriate, authors are   encouraged to comment on accessibility as it relates to their paper.   Are the technologies, standards or practices you are discussing   accessible to individuals who use alternative display or control   systems (e.g., people who have disabilities)? For more information   see URL:

  If you wish to be placed on the WWW8 announcements mailing list,   please send an e-mail message to

 +Conference Co-Chairs:

  Albert Vezza, CNRI
  Robert Cailliau, CERN
  Murray Maloney, Muzmo Communication Inc.

 +Program Committee Chair:
  Alberto Mendelzon, U. of Toronto,

 +Program Committee Vice-chairs:

  User Interfaces
  Ron Baecker, Mark Chignell, U. of Toronto

  WWW Performance
  Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs

  Searching, Querying, and Indexing
  Oren Etzioni, U. of Washington

  Browsers and Tools
  Hannes Marais, Compaq SRC

  Electronic Commerce and Security
  Doug Tygar, UC Berkeley

  Anne-Marie Vercoustre, INRIA

 +Tutorials Chair:
  Richard Binder, Foretec Seminars

 +Workshops Co-Chairs:
  Benay Dara-Abrams, Sholink Corporation   Richard Binder, Foretec Seminars

 +Developer's Day Program Chair:
  Ian Graham, U. of Toronto

 +Posters Chair:
  Charles Clarke, U. of Toronto

 +Panels Co-Chairs:
  Michael Bieber, NJIT
  Carolyn Watters, Dalhousie Univ.

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