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From: Celso Roberto Perez (
Date: Thu 24 Sep 1998 - 14:27:15 CDT

Hi All!!

My name is Celso Roberto Perez, and I'm a PhD student at UFPE, Brazil.

My research area is interoperability in GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

My master thesis was in the hypermedia area.

For this, I'm interesting in merge these two areas.

First, I investigated some proposals of GIS's area researchers, and identified some problems in these proposals...

for this, now I'm intending to define a framework or architecture, based on OHS paradigm that resolve the problem of interoperability and integration of GIS.

Thus, I will be very grateful if somebody of the list had or has expertise in this area, (interoperability and integration of GIS's using OHS, or others software that work with spatial data)

I think to utilize how base one of the OHS architectures (microcosm, chimera, hyperdisco) but, at this moment, I don't know which of them is the most appropriate.



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