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From: Sigi Reich (sr_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 22 Sep 1998 - 11:37:22 CDT

Hello everyone,

this is to update you on the OHS 4.5 working group meeting which took place in sunny Southampton (yes, it was really sunny!) last weekend (Friday to Sunday lunchtime, see also

We started with presentations of
- performatives and why such a mechanism is useful for OHP (Sigi)

We also had a short session on the "7 Issues' paper" and how/whether these could be addressed with the current definition of OHP. We concluded that we weren't doing too badly with respect to the issues but that we will not address versioning.

We agreed that we would produce a common document with separate chapters addressing the following items:

We agreed on a data model (yes!) including a definition of services (which we will call computations) which could contain actual code.

We also had a long partially controversial discussion of how to actually include the idea of performatives into an IDL definition. I believe we agreed on the usefulness of performatives and their general expressiveness. However, there were different opinions on how to integrate them into IDL definitions. We have decided that the IDL of the Danish proposal will be extended to incorporate the changes we decided at the meeting and that Sotonians will come up with an IDL specification containing performatives.

We also talked about publications, demos and visibility. The following table summarises people in charge of those publications/demonstrations that we think the OHSWG's interoperability effort should produce. Note, that this does not mean that these people actually have to write these documents themselves!!!

People in charge Publication

Dave/Sigi              Tech. Briefing HT99, deadline 1st Oct.
Dave/Sigi              Demo at HT99, deadline 27th Nov.
Hugh                   WWW8 paper, deadline 30th Nov.
Dave/Sigi              Web description which we would like to link 
                       to the JoDI publications, as soon as possible
Kaj                    "New Review's Special Issue.", early 99

Other Actions:
The "Danes" update the existing data model specification with what was agreed at the meeting; Danes and Sotonians both come up with IDL specifications and agree on a final version soon (i.e. within the next few weeks). Plus the actions as shown in the above table. Plus any implementations of OHP that have to be written ;-).

Thanks to everyone for participating / contributing!!!


Dave & Sigi

Sigi Reich, Research Fellow
Multimedia Research Group
Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Bldg. 59 University of Southampton, Southampton S017 1BJ, UK phone +44 (0)1703 59 fax +44 (0) 1703 59 2865 email sr_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk http://www.mmrg.ecs.soton.ac.uk/

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