OHSWG 4.5 meeting: agenda

From: Sigi Reich (sr_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Wed 02 Sep 1998 - 11:58:10 CDT

_(fwd link)_Hello everyone,

the OHS Working Group 4.5 meeting is approaching fast and this e-mail therefore should inform you about the detailed agenda for the meeting.

You can also find the agenda and other meeting info on the Web as


Dave has come up with an interesting idea: looking back at the 'Seven Issues: revisited' keynote (1991,
http://www.parc.xerox.com/spl/projects/halasz-keynote/) we would like to start the meeting with questions such as whether we want to address these issues, how they could be addressed, what do we want to address, ... I think this is a great idea! It should raise the necessary (controversial) issues and it should also help us in finding a broader view of the things.

Any feedback appreciated!


Date Time Topic

Fri. 18-09   1000 - 1200     Welcome; discussion of agenda; goals 
                             of the meeting; "'Seven Issues': Revisited" 
                             halasz-keynote/) and how/whether we address them
_(fwd link)_             1300 - 1530     Proposal for performatives in OHP 
                             (see Soton proposal

performatives.html) 1600 - 1730 Proposal for services in OHP-Nav (see Soton proposal http://www.mmrg.ecs.soton.ac.uk/
Service Issues http://www.mmrg.ecs.soton.ac.uk/
Sat. 19-09 0930 - 1200 Collaboration (see soon Danish proposal) 1300 - 1530 Tech briefing for HT 99 (deadline Oct 1st); Demo for HT99 (deadline Nov 27th); 1600 - 1730 Relationship to Web developments such as XLink, XPointer; Publishing and visibility of the Group Sun. 20-09 0930 - 1200 Other hypertext domains, meeting wrap up, future actions & plan; -------------------------------------------------
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