The OHS 4.5 wg meeting

From: Sigi Reich (
Date: Wed 12 Aug 1998 - 11:01:47 CDT

Dear all,

given recent enquiries about dates/times and given the fact that the University of Southampton has been cut off the Internet for some days I would like to send you this reminder on the OHSWG working group meeting in Southampton.

The meeting will take place on September 18-20th, here in sunny Southampton. We plan to start at 10am on Friday and finish at about lunch time on Sunday (Sept. 20th).

Updated details can be found at


Sigi Reich, Research Fellow
Multimedia Research Group
Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Bldg. 16 University of Southampton, Southampton S017 1BJ, UK phone +44 (0)1703 59 5415 fax +44 (0) 1703 59 2865 email

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