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Date: Wed 29 Jul 1998 - 15:47:24 CDT

_(fwd link)_Can whoever is responsible (Pete?) arrange to get Les Carr ( and Dave De Roure ( on the OHS mail-list

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>Les Carr asked me to forward this to the list. So, please find enclosed
>(pointers to) his experiences in 'playing with' the XLink standard.
>>From: Les Carr <lac>
>>Subject: Analysing XLink
>> _(fwd link)_
>>As part of the Open Hypermedia Community's "Response to XLink" I have started
>>to implement a set of JAVA packages for developing XLink-aware applications.
>>Currently it is at a fairly rudimentary stage testing-wise, but I have
>>mainly concentrated on trying to make high-level link processing methods
>>that are generally useful. There is currently ONE sample application
>>based on the LTXML group's ``Knit'' utility, although others are planned.
>>A document describing the work so far can be found at
>>If you would like to have a copy of the software as it exists, please let
>>me know. (It builds on top of IBM's XML4JAVA parser & XPointer packages,
>>but it has added better support for string()-based pointers.)
>>Leslie Carr
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