RE: [i] XPointer and addressing in OHP-Nav

From: Dave Millard (
Date: Tue 21 Jul 1998 - 11:20:33 CDT

Hello Lloyd (and list'ers),

> So if the answer to question number one is "Yes, but ...", and
> assuming the group is interested enough, could someone intimately
> familiar with OHP-Nav write a draft for such a statement.

As Sigi and I are both painfully intimate with OHP-Nav we would be quite happy to draft such a statement.

_(fwd link)_However, we also believe that this is basically a continuation of our efforts to investigate existing standards (which we agreed to do in Pittsburgh). Although there is an overlap between the objectives of the XML'ers and ourselves we must not lose sight of our own goals, that is the definition of a generic location specifier for use with OHP-Nav.

We are more then happy to promote OHP ideas! At the same time we see W3C's XPointer and OHSWG's LocSpec as separate efforts but do not wish to draw a line between them ;)

Dave + Sigi

Dave Millard (
University of Southampton

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